cantik itu gimana?


Women please stop doubting about yourself. The tv is making women crazy about ‘beauty’. No one is allowed to say what beauty is except Allah. And Allah judges someone on their good deeds not their appearance.
Please remember this: A person who says you are ugly, is really an ugly person. Because how dare that person to say something like that. You are beautiful, if your heart is clean and you are doing your best to win the love of Allah. Trust me you will have Nuur(light) on your face! That’s the prettiest thing you can have as a woman.

ohh,ni gmbar selingan shj..hsil kerja taim boring xdpt connect intenet. ^_^

adik2,kakak2,makcik2,kwn2..trust me..you are beautiful. 

p/s : esok klas puisi..sukanya.heh ^_^
p/sss : prasan x sy bnyk gne smiley ni ^_^ *hehe
p/sssss : rsa tamak gune intenet,pkul 2pagi xdo lagi
p/sssssss: rsa tamak suda hilang,nk tido.bai.

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